Bayside Blend - dark side of the barrel
Bayside Blend - dark side of the barrel
Bayside Blend - dark side of the barrel

Bayside Blend - dark side of the barrel



Rich with cocoa & panaforte notes, for the bold: our locally grown coffee, pesticide-free and nurtured with organic respect for our earth & environment...

Sweetest coffee beans with complex flavours guaranteed to set your tastebuds zinging & your attitude singing!

We have a small but boutique cartel of coffee growers in the Northern Rivers region, all passionate about their high quality beans & eager to share the Kaffeine Kulture with our Naturally Northern Rivers Australia tribe of loyal followers.

Introducing our beautiful Zentveld's Estate in the rolling hills of Byron Bay hinterland:

Bayside Blend - rich, deep & punches through the froth!

Simply choose your desired grind & size from our drop menu.  

Read on for more notes:

Bayside Blend

For those who prefer the darker side of the barrel… And when the swell is up, we have plenty of those at our Northern Rivers surf beaches!

Pure 100% Australian organic grown blend with cocoa and panforte notes. Darker roasted – perfect for a strong milk coffee, deep & rich body and lingering finish.  Expresso lovers delight!

Bayside is one of our stronger Australian blends featuring our Northern Rivers ‘naturals’. (Zentveld’s most likely, with occasional small batches from other local growers.)

Bayside Blend was developed from requests for a proper strong, full bodied cafe blend, of purely Australian estates, that punches through the fluff of milk.

Stronger than our Byron Blend, it has the extra depth of dry or natural processed beans from our local, Northern Rivers estates. For Reserve 01 fans, this is the stronger version with more of the darker roast profile – minus the bitterness.

Only The Fix is stronger than Bayside in our Australian coffees – with one third being our darkest roast profile.


Bayside Blend is best matched for a mug size, milk-based espresso coffee. An intense espresso base will have depth, body and lasting flavour with less acidity than most blends – so fabulous for cappuccino, flat white or caffe latte.

200g and 1kg packets available in whole bean, plunger/drip ground or espresso ground – which can be customized to suit your style of espresso machine – please choose appropriate grind size from drop down menu above.

Yours in Kaffeine Kulture, the Naturally Northern Rivers Team.