Traditional Pecan Pie for the Family
Traditional Pecan Pie for the Family
Traditional Pecan Pie for the Family

Traditional Pecan Pie for the Family



Big & Buttery Caramel, Rich with Pecans, Full of wholesome goodness...

Nothing but natural ingredients & our own delicious Northern Rivers pecans

This family sized gourmet pecan pie is perfect for 12 - 16 serves.  Do the math to see how many slices you can each get depending on how many lucky guests or family members you have hanging out for this special dessert!

Our pecan pies are a labor of love – straight from the artisan kitchens of our Barefoot Farm to you.  We don’t use any nasties, but we do use 100% butter, our locally grown pecans & because we believe in provenance, pure maple syrup from our Canadian cousins. Less guilt as that means they're lower in sugar than your normal pecan pie.  Sheer bliss with every mouthful!

We cannot resist them – warm them up, top with pure whipped cream or ice-cream and a garnish of our beautiful botanical 24-carat gold leaf edible flowers!  You will impress those guests at a dinner party – or simply a special treat for the family because you all deserve it!

Our Pecan pies will store for 8 days out of the fridge or 3 weeks if stored in the fridge.

Barefoot Farm pies are made and sent fresh and are suitable for storing in the freezer, so pick up an extra family pie to keep on hand for any occasion.  Our minis are also perfect as single serves.

Our Barefoot Farm chef artisans love pecans so much they bought an entire orchard full of them!  Why?  Pecans are high in protein - superfoods providing our bodies with:

  • fibre (for heart & gut health)
  • antioxidants (overall protection of your cells against heart disease, cancer & other diseases)
  • manganese (promotes brain & thyroid health, anti-inflammatory)
  • phosphorus (good for strong bones, teeth, kidney function)
  • magnesium (good for bone & heart health, anti-inflammatory)
  • zinc (helps immune system & wound healing)


Wheat Pastry, butter, eggs, brown sugar, salt, cinnamon, vanilla, pecans, lots and lots of pecans 

 Read about our beautiful botanicals here.