Essential Duo Travel Pack
Essential Duo Travel Pack
Essential Duo Travel Pack

Essential Duo Travel Pack



These are the two ABSOLUTE ESSENTIALS whenever our NNRA tribe travel - especially to tropical island holidays for nasty insect bites or even scratches, cuts & wounds from reef & coral accidents...

For those minor OMG times when you travel by plane, train or automobile ...  nourish your dry skin, soothe chapped lips, ease a sore throat, calm rashes, itchy bites, minor wounds & cuts - Australia's trusted medicine cabinet in a natural drawstring pouch:

1 x 25g Active Jellybush Antibacterial Honey MGO800+ (ULF20+)

1 x 15ml Certified Organic 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil

Each item is your eco-warrior, perfect as your go-to travel care pack, affording you peace of mind that any small emergencies will be covered!  Naturally protecting you from stress of mind & body with a combination of luxurious provenance ingredients, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal properties – organically grown, locally sourced from the Northern Rivers NSW & hand-crafted for your health & well-being when travelling.

How to Use:


Australia's little medicine cabinet in a bottle straight from our Olive Gap Farmers

* Apply topically as an antiseptic to minor cuts, wounds or scrapes.

* To treat sore throats - add 2-3 drops to half a cup of water and gargle (do not swallow).

* Apply topically onto blemishes to help treat and prevent outbreaks.

* Add a few drops to a carrier oil and gently massage into the skin to help sooth inflammation. 

When your flight finally lands, pamper yourself - add 4-5 drops to a bath or to the floor of a hot running shower to steam the skin, cleanse and revitalise.

* Add topically or add to a bath to treat or prevent athletes’ foot, tinea, or other fungal conditions. 

* Add a couple of drops to any travel shampoo and conditioner to help control dandruff and prevent head lice.

* If feeling run-down, add 2-3 drops to a bowl of hot water to clear congestion and boost your immune system.

Good for our Earth

Our Certified Organic 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil is grown on our bio-diverse farm (so no pesticides used), harvested & distilled by us in small batches and we use traditional wood-fired distillation methods – making it the best choice for you and the earth!

Olive Gap Organic farmers are our eco warriors ensuring your anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial needs are bottled to fight on your behalf! 


In an easy to carry 25g tube - pop it into your handbag (or man bag) - this high efficacy NPA20+ (MGO800+) is a must-have when you travel!

Scientifically tested in independent laboratories, this bioactive honey is ideal when you travel for:

  • Treatment of minor wounds and scratches
  • Oral care treatment of mouth ulcers, cold sores
  • Soothe chapped, dry lips
  • Apply on skin breakouts after you've cleansed with a drop of certified organic tea tree oil.

Made by the Northern Rivers bees in conjunction with the leptospermum species of flowers native to this beautiful region.  

More facts:

  • NPA 20+ (850+MGO)* medical honey product accelerates healing of minor wounds, scratches, and burns
  • Potent antibacterial first aid product tested at independent laboratories for accurate MGO rating
  • Cold-extracted which means all beneficial enzymes preserved
  • Bees are truly happy as leave plenty for them - no sugar feeding - ethical practices
  • We harvest during the flowering of our Leptospermum plants in a narrow window - three to four weeks each year so bioactive honey is a truly a limited luxury!

*NPA is the non-peroxide activity of honey. This is what gives the product its special antiseptic properties – the higher the number the higher the activity

*MGO stands for methylglyoxal, the naturally occurring compound that makes Manuka honey so special. MGO is formed in the honey from Manuka nectar. As the honey ripens, the MGO content can increase via our artisans’ expert knowledge and careful storage, along with scientific testing to verify the potency, quality and purity of our honey for you.

These are our absolute basics of travel essentials for health & well-being - all in small doses as the power is almighty!

For full description of our Australia's Manuka Honey click here & about our Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil here