Organic Tea: DM Tea by Mindful Foods
Organic Tea: DM Tea by Mindful Foods

Organic Tea: DM Tea by Mindful Foods



Our DM Tea is designed to open up your heart - have a cuppa to help soften the edges, encourage deep and meaningful thoughts and conversations – naturally.  With a friend, loved one or even with your inner self.

Connecting over a cup of tea is timeless, and even more necessary in these uncertain times .  Our DM tea is a sweet, orange-infused blend with warm and bright flavours from hibiscus, rooibos, cinnamon and star anise.  We've grounded the tea with an earthy base of the most famous nootropic herbs - bacopa, gingko, gotu kola amongst others. 


So good for you, suitable to drink anytime night or day

Brewing Instructions

(For one person)

Add one teaspoon to your teapot for one & allow the flavours to release by brewing 3 – 5 minutes with boiling water.


Cinnamon* star anise* rooibos* hibiscus* ginger* gingko* ginseng* bacopa* lemon balm* rhodiola* gotu kola* orange peel* jasmine* rosemary* 
*= Certified organic ingredient