Nutrient Powder Power Pack
Nutrient Powder Power Pack
Nutrient Powder Power Pack
Nutrient Powder Power Pack

Nutrient Powder Power Pack


Complete Range of Stardust Organic Nutrient Powders

Start your day as a super hero with our special Nutrient Powder Power Pack.

Have these babies at your fingertips so that you can be at your best every day!

1 x 120g Detoxify
1 x 120g Energise
1 x 120g Anti-Inflammatory
1 x 80g Immunity
1 x 150g Longevity

Detoxify Stardust Powder

Had a hard night & need to detox?  Go for GREEN!

Ingredients: Premium grade matcha green tea* broccoli sprout powder* moringa* spirulina* lemon myrtle* lemon*

*= Certified Organic

Energise Stardust Powder

Feeling low in energy?  Reach for the CHOCOLATE coloured jar (cos its got cacao & other yummies)

Ingredients: Peruvian Cacao Powder*, Medicinal Mushroom Complex 20% [(Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga) 1:20 extract], Cinnamon* Mesquite* Maca* Rhodiola*

*=Certified organic ingredient;

Anti-Inflammatory Stardust Powder

YELLOW for those achey joints...

Ingredients: High Potency Turmeric (5% curcumin)* Ginger* Ceylon Cinnamon* Green Mango* Lemon Powder* Black Pepper*

*=Certified organic ingredient

Immunity Stardust Powder

Feeling a cold or flu coming on? BLUE spirulina is your buddy today!

Ingredients: Butterfly Pea Flower* Blue Spirulina (25%) Elderberry* Ginger* 

*=Certified organic ingredient

Longevity Stardust Powder

Pretty in pink, purple, RED... a teaspoon a day for longevity

Ingredients: Pure powder extracts of beetroot* Blueberry* Pomegranate* Strawberry* Acai*

*= Certified Organic