Kiri's Gift Hamper
Kiri's Gift Hamper
Kiri's Gift Hamper
Kiri's Gift Hamper

Kiri's Gift Hamper


Specially combined on request as the perfect Gift for the discerning lovers of the best of each of our artisans!  

All products have been lovingly and painstakingly crafted by hand by our farmers and artisans themselves, the health benefits of each are power-packed ...


1 x 250g Australia's Manuka Honey MGO 100+ 

1 x 200ml Stoken XII Apostles Classic Dry Gin 

1 x 20ml Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil

1 x 450g Cacao Brain Power Granola

1 x 30ml Avilla Farm Macadamia Nut Face Oil

1 x 100ml Exfoliating Face Scrub

1 x 100g Rosemary Garlic Pecans

1 x 200g Byron Blend Coffee

This hamper is the perfect to gift to that special someone who appreciates the fresh, organic flavours of our Australian native botanicals & powerful health benefits of provenance products:

With the XII Apostles Classic Gin, we have traditional gin ingredients of juniper, coriander and cinnamon, blended with native botanicals including lemon myrtle, aniseed myrtle and bunya nut - capturing the distinct taste of the Northern Rivers.

With our Manuka Honey, we have our natural heroes - the bees - converting nectar from the powerful leptospermum flowers into honey that has been scientifically tested and carefully stored by our Australia's Manuka Honey passionate beekeepers until it reaches its full antibacterial potential.

Our certified organic tea tree oil has been lovingly distilled by hand - every precious drop squeezed via heating of a wood-fired oven...  Olive Gap Organic farmers are our eco warriors ensuring your anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial needs are bottled to fight on your behalf! 

Cacao Brain Power granola contains the kombucha activated nuts with all the wonders of cacao, macadamia nuts, cinnamon & much more.

These are three essentials for health & well-being - all in small doses as the power is almighty!

For full description of our Australia's Manuka Honey click here & about our Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil here.  Learn a bit more about Stoken Distillery too.