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Anti-Inflammatory Anti-Bacterial Anti-Fungal Combo Pack

These mean machines are your go-to germ busters!

15ml Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil (new packaging arriving soon)
250g MGO100+ Australia's Manuka Honey
120g Anti-Inflammatory Stardust 

Bust these bottled warriors out to keep the joint inflammation down, gut health balanced and any skin breakouts whether it be the dreaded pre-menstrual, pre-party, pre-biggest date ever pimple or that nasty little fungal toe infection!  

Tips for use

Olive Gap Farm Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil

Add one drop of certified organic tea tree oil to half a cup of warm water & gargle - a natural alternative to off-the-shelf mouth washes

Use a drop on skin for blemishes like acne or that rogue pimple...

Australia's Manuka Honey

Take a teaspoon of MGO100+ manuka honey for the minimum activity for daily gut health maintenance - either straight out of the jar, or in a warm drink with a squeeze of lemon 

Hot tip:  if you have a rogue pimple or two pop out of nowhere, mix half a teaspoon of honey with a drop of tea tree oil & gently cover the affected area - leave on for as long as possible to both soothe & reduce inflammation.

Mindful Foods Anti-Inflammatory Stardust Powder

A teaspoon of organic nutrient anti-inflammatory powder in a smoothie or latte 

For full instructions on usage of each of the products, click the links provided above.

Caution: Stop use immediately if any irritations occur and seek medical advice if needed.

*Not available to send to Western Australia due to restrictions against honey products